Thursday, 6 September 2012

Last minute things

I printed off all the e-mails from places we have booked.  Printed google maps to help locate all the places we have booked! 

Printed a map on how to get to the Nakumatt supermarket in Kampala, to ensure supplies are bought.

Packed our stuff - you should see the drug cabinet - we could open a little pharmacy.

ThunderstormsChecked the weather forecast - bugger - looks like wet and wild.  Why does the wet seem 
to follow me around?  I once spent 4 months in New Zealand and it rained 74 days.  I went to Namibia and it rained for the first time in 18 months as I got off the plane.  I even travelled in the Atacama desert and it rained there - officially the driest place on earth - the bus driver didn't know how to operate the windscreen wipers as he hadn't driven in the rain before.

Rain falling in the pool in the Atacama

I seriously hope the roads are going to be ok.  And that we don't have to camp in the mud.

Checked in on line, so boarding passes are printed.

Taxi arrives at 3.45am.  Oh my, oh my.

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