Friday, 24 January 2014

Drunken Nuns!

We spent a long time just lazing by the pool at Nyungwe.

Nyungwe swimming pool

The pool looks out onto the forest, and we were lucky enough to be entertained by the local troop of Angolan Colobus monkeys.  Watching their death defying leaps from one tree to another is a fun way to while away the time.

Angolan Colobus Monkey - flying!
The lodge feeds you pretty well, nothing too fancy - a small selection but generally tasty and well presented.  They have a limited (and expensive) wine list, mainly South African wines but the beer is cold and the coffee is stunningly good.

One evening we went for pre-dinner drinks and had a some fun watching a group of other guests.  These were two large, overweight men with big expensive watches, accompanied by 3 nuns.  At least they were dressed as nuns  but they sure as hell weren't acting like nuns!  There was a lot of drinking, loud giggling and at one point one of the nuns managed to drop and break her glass.  I wonder what the mother superior would have thought.  Very funny to watch - almost as good as watching the Colobus - who says humans and monkeys aren't related?

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