Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Wow expensive hotel!

The Guest Lux decided to charge us $218us for our one night and two meals; which seemed a little expensive.  Anyway the food was pretty good, the bed was comfy and we didn't have any real complaints.

Balcony at the Kigali Guest Lux

We did a quick shop at local supermarket - where a nice young chap helped carry our stuff back to our car.  He had just returned to Rwanda from Uganda, after his family fled there during the genocide.  We can only try to imagine what it's like to be displaced for 18 years.  Hopefully he is part of a generation that won't allow things to degenerate in the future.

We managed to get out of Kigali pretty easily, following the road out past the airport.  The same airport we had fleetingly visited a couple of weeks ago.  The overall impression of Kigali is pretty positive - it seems well ordered, fairly clean and tidy, the roads are pretty good, the buildings are in good repair- I imagine that a lot of foreign investment has taken place in the years following the trouble, no doubt much of it guilt money from the international community who failed to do anything to stop the violence.

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