Thursday, 13 March 2014

Lake Mburo National Park, Uganda

For our first night at Lake Mburo NP, we decided to camp in the campsite beside the lake.  This has good views over the lake, where local fisherman take their canoes out to fish at dusk.  The campsite is pretty basic, but a nice chap comes and lights a campfire for you near your tent.

There is also a lakeside restaurant, which does nice cold beer and food.  Fish and chips for me, and veggie curry and chips for Karen.

Lake Mburo Restaurant

We arrived in the campsite at the same time as an Exodus overlander truck/bus.  So it was a race to see who could set up camp the quickest.  It's a matter of pride that we were enjoying our 2nd beer in the restaurant while the overlanders were still trying to get their tents up.

The lake has hippos swimming around, kingfishers diving and a fantastic colony of weaver birds in a tree beside the restaurant.  The campsite also has a healthy population of over fed warthogs, who spend the whole time raiding the bins for food.  They've learned how to tip the bins on their gimbles to empty the contents onto the ground, they then tear open any bags with their tusks.  The poor campsite warden has to constantly go round tidying up after them.

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