Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Little too close to a hippo

We had hippos come close to our tent in QENP and close to our banda at Red Chilli, but not so close that we could smell them.

That's what happened when we were sitting beside our camp fire having our night cap beside Lake Mburo.  We heard the hippo coming, a sort of munch, munch, munch noise as it crops the grass.  It then passed about 5 metres the other side of our camp fire - and very close to the overlanders who didn't seem to know that it was there.  We sat transfixed, as it munched its way around our fire, car and tent - we were too excited to be afraid, despite the terrible reputation hippos have for panicking and running over anything in their way.

The overlanders seemed to drink too much beer as there was a steady stream of them heading back and forward to the loo through the night.

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