Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Planning the route

After getting the gorilla visit organised we needed to work out where to visit and where to stay for the remainder of the trip - so it was out with the maps and guidebooks to see what to do and where to go.

One thing we learned from Namibia and Botswana was to try not to drive too much, and to stay in nice places for a few nights rather than just one.

We reckon that we might travel 2500-3000 km rather than the 6000 that we did in Nam/Bot.

The way the main National Parks are arranged seemed to lend themselves to a nice round trip - North to Murchison Falls, South West to Kibale and QE Forest, further South to Volcans in Rwanda, even further South to Nyungwe, then North and West to Akagera over the border again into Uganda and Lake Mburo.

This route would seem to give us the chance to see all the different terrains, from savannah to forest to mountain, to volcanoes, to lakes, to marsh.  It should also give us a great chance to see some of the towns - Fort Portal, Musanze, Kigali, Mbarara  and the countryside and farmland in between.

The different NPs also have very different styles to them, with fantastically diverse wildlife to view.

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