Thursday, 26 April 2012

Where to stay

We would love to do the whole "luxury" safari, but we're not overpaid and underworked bankers, so we are looking to mostly camp, or stay in fairly modest accommodation.  However as this is actually our honeymoon, we have added a few nicer hotels into the mix.

There is an enormous range in the price of where to stay at night - some places I have booked are $10-15 per night and others are $500 per night.  I still can't quite understand how the economics work, I would imagine that the person who will clean our room at the $500 pn hotel probably doesn't get paid that much in a year.  But should you not go to these places because of that, or should you go because the hotel is providing much needed employment?

It's a dilemma and one that we've tried to balance by staying in places that have a reputation of being good employers - at least that is the impression we have got from them, and from the guide books.

We decided to book and pay for as many of the places as possible - again to avoid having to carry too much cash with us, and to take away the "where are we going to stay tonight" worries.

The honeymoon suite?

There are some places where we are just going to turn up and try to find a campsite - I'm hoping this won't lead to this-


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