Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Camping equipment

We've had a few camping trips this year, yet still seem unable to go away for a weekend without filling the car with equipment.  So we have to try to pare it down to the absolute minimum.

Tent - North Face Rock - tiny and lightweight.  Hopefully lion/hyena proof :-).

Stove - MSR whisperlite - multi fuel, as it appears gas is not readily available.

Already been to New Zealand, Argentina, Chile, Namibia, Botswana, Scotland! - bombproof

Pots and pans - aluminium - from an old Trangia set

Plates/cups - Orikaso fold flat - absolutely fantastic stuff.  Folding cups are great, and easy to wash and carry.

Torches - Petzl headtorches - only the best will do

Sleeping mats - Thermarest - again simply the best money can buy.

Sleeping bags - not sure on this one, whether to take full bags or just sleeping liners - keeping an eye on night time temperatures, currently around 18-20C.  This would be warm enough for me to sleep in a liner, but probably not for Karen.

Chairs/table - getting the car hire people to purchase these for us in Kampala, simply couldn't get them on a plane.  They do make camp life much more comfortable than trying to do everything on the ground - especially with my dodgy back  

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