Monday, 20 August 2012


I'm of an age when you mention the name Kigali I have images in my head that would keep you awake at night.  I can remember watching the scenes from the 1994 Genocide and being numbed by the horror of it all.

I never in my wildest moments thought that I would ever go to Kigali, and certainly never thought that less than 20 years on would be one of the safest cities in Africa.  So this will be a surreal experience, and one I'm looking forward to with excitement and trepidation.

Maybe it will just be a boring city, or maybe it will be vibrant and exciting.  I don't really know what to expect and having been out in the countryside for a while may take a little getting used to .

I've booked a room in The Guest Lux guest house - according to trip advisor it should be good.  Ahhhh trip advisor, what did we do without you.

I guess we will have to visit the genocide memorial - situated on the graves of 250,000 people.  That's more than the population of Aberdeen.  Having visited Auschwitz last year, this I'm sure will be equally traumatic, but you can't ignore it.

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