Wednesday, 23 January 2013

A chat with the chairman of the Ugandan Tourist Authority

Back at the lodge, after another tasty lunch, we were approached by a young man who was interested in hearing about our visit to the chimps.

As we chatted and showed him some fairly gruesome video, he told us he was the owner of the Kibale Primate Lodge and also of 2 other lodges and a safari tour company.  He is now also the chairman of the Ugandan Tourist Authority.  Not bad going for a 38 year old.  He said it was all down to his "Scottish" mother who had adopted him and 45 other young boys whose parents didn't have the money for school fees.

We discussed the things we thought were great about Uganda - the scenery, wildlife, friendly people etc and the things we thought were terrible- the roads and the sign posts.

He agreed that something really needs to be done about the roads and would be meeting with the Ugandan govt to discuss such problems.  We hope he has some luck!

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