Sunday, 27 January 2013

Crater Lakes

To the North of the Katwe road is an area of the QE national park known as the crater lakes.  There is a road that you can take which heads up the slope to give amazing views of the park, the Kazinga channel and the two Lakes, Edward and George.

The road (exceedingly rough) leads up to various extinct volcanic craters, which either have lakes or areas of rain forest in them.

There aren't many animals around, but the scenery is just breathtaking.  We even got some views up to the Rwenzori mountains, which seemed to have a near permanent covering of clouds.  The roads are often just bare rock, so a 4wd is absolutely essential.  The levante seemed to cope quite well, but after our little adventure in Murchison, we were both pretty glad to make it down to the Equator gate visitor centre.

It doesn't look like many people come up here - we certainly didn't see any other vehicles, or even signs that vehicles had been up the track.  The little visitor centre at the end of the track sold us some nice cold Krest lemon juice, it was blistering hot.  Who'd have thought it would be warm on the Equator?

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