Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Being a vegetarian in Africa

Karen likes to eat vegetarian food when we are not cooking for ourselves.  Not entirely sure why, but I guess this makes her a "restaurant vegetarian".

This did not seem to be a problem in the more "budget" areas of our travels - but in the more upmarket lodges this caused a few issues.  3 times at Kibale lodge we asked for a vegetarian option for her, and 3 times she was served the same as everyone else ie meat, potatoes and 2 veg.

In the main the veggie options we did discover were usually very tasty and well cooked, whereas the carnivore options were often over salted and over done,

The lodges appear to service a more traditional market of rich european/american whereas the cheaper places are serving the back packer end of the tourist trade, which by its very nature has a greater proportion of vegetarians.  So its simple economics to cater to your market, but could certainly be improved upon.

Incidentally try the rice and beans  - vv tasty.

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