Friday, 29 November 2013

Hire Car Problems

When we returned to our guest house after making baskets and beer, I checked our car for the long journey tomorrow.

Bugger, another puncture.  So I got out the jack and the guest house manager called the Amahoro office to get someone to help.  Poor Saleem re-appeared after thinking he had logged off for the day.  Upon removing the punctured tyre, and then finding that the spare was also flat I did what I should have done when picking the car up - checked the state of all the tyres.

Oh oh.  Not good - 3 very much illegal, one of which had had a tread cut into the already worn surface.

Ok this should not have happened, and I am annoyed at the hire company for giving us a vehicle in this state, but I am also annoyed at myself for not realising the problem sooner.

Saleem helpfully took me off to the local tyre fixing place - he suggested it best if he organise it as if I tried going on my own I would just get ripped off.  So I stood awkwardly on the sidelines while the tyre guys tried their best to fix the two flats.

We had no mobile reception in Rwanda - Orange doesn't cover here, so we didn't have any way of contacting Kizito at the car hire co.

After a while of being the centre of polite, but curious attention from the boda boda guys the two tyres were fixed and back on the Levante

So we now face a long journey, without mobile, with at least 3 dodgy tyres and the other 2 you wouldn't have on your own car at home.  Not altogether happy.

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