Friday, 29 November 2013

Making banana beer at the Red Rocks Intercultural Exchange Centre

We left the gorillas to their munching and wandered back down the track to our vehicles.

You get taken to a tourist shopping complex before you are allowed to go free - we didn't know if this was an officially sanctioned place, but they had some nice arty things to go along with the "muzungus in the mist" t-shirts.  Nice prices too!!

We witnessed a massive thunderstorm while in the shops and thanked our lucky stars that it had been sunny and dry for our morning trek.

Saleem then drove us back into Ruhengeri/Musanze for some lunch.  We invited him to join us, so he took us to a more traditional African style place.  It didn't look like too many tourists visited the place, but the food was good, cheap and plentiful.

We then drove out to the Red Rocks Intercultural Exchange Centre; this is a community based enterprise with accommodation, a campsite (not many of them in Rwanda), a bar all on a working farm.

We were introduced into the art of banana beer making - a bit like a mix of scrumpy and real ale, and basket weaving.  The people are very friendly - the women seem to do all the work whereas the men take the money and hang around in the bamboo bar.  They are all really keen to make the venture work, and with the help of a bit of publicity they think they can grab some of the tourist market.  We wish them well.

Making banana beer
Drinking danana geer

Making banana fibre baskets

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