Friday, 29 November 2013

Lost in the highlands of Rwanda

On leaving Ruhengeri we almost immediately took the wrong road, and headed into some of the most picturesque scenery on the planet.  No wonder Rwanda is know as the land of a thousand hills.  The "thousand" part being a gross under-estimate of the real number.

I like to think of myself as a good navigator but.......We followed a huge swollen river which I have yet to identify on a map, and managed to get on a road that I have also yet to identify on a map despite hours of searching of the satellite images on Google Earth.  We must have crossed a bridge that doesn't exist, because again this river was big (think Danube) yet we ended up in a village called Nyabikenke which just should not have been possible.  My head still spins when I try to work out which roads we took - and I haven't solved the riddle yet.

Anyhoo - at Nyabinkenke we bribed a gaggle of schoolkids with some stale biscuits and they pointed out the road to Giterama - also known as Muhanga.  But yet again our the geography of Rwanda beat us up and we ended up in another hilltop town called Rutobwe.  This time we asked a smartly dressed man for the right road and he smiled and told us we were already on it.  Well there's first time for everything I suppose.

It was a beautiful day, the roads were appalling, the views were spectacular so we were reasonably happy to be lost but a least roughly heading in the right direction.

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