Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Entebbe airport arrival

First impressions of the airport - well it looks pretty much like an airport anywhere else in the world.

It's not huge, and there aren't that many planes on the ground.  Disembarking, it feels warm and humid but not oppressively so.  Lucky as we're wearing jeans and fleeces as Edinburgh was baltic this morning.

Immigration is fairly simple - they take your money for the visas, no need for passport photo as they take your picture with a camera on the desk.  They also take your fingerprint using an electronic machine - never had that before.

Immediately after immigration is a money changing place, so I got $100 worth so that we had some cash if required.  

Straight through customs with our bags - no-one interested at all. And out into the public arrivals hall.

I was expecting this to be a little difficult, but there was a nice man with a sign which had my name spelled correctly waiting to give us a lift to our accommodation.  There were one or two money changers wandering about, but no-one hassling at all.  Turns out the airport is very secure, and quite hard to get to.

The car park is a bit chaotic, due to the lack of lights and the number of drivers picking up clients.  Safari tours, taxis etc.  But we get onto the road within 40 minutes of landing.  Our driver stopped at a small shop, to allow us to buy some bottles of water - nicely chilled in a big fridge - then took us to the Ugandan Wildlife Education Centre.  

A security man made us fill out a book with our details - name, passport number, country, occupation, DOB,     mothers maiden name, inside leg measurment, favourite film star etc.  Then we were finally allowed to go to our banda, and head for bed. 

We were now starting to feel the humidity/heat.

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