Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Murchison Falls NP

The Red Chilli rest camp is only a few hundred meters from the Paraa ferry over the Nile, which you need to cross to get into the "safari" area of the NP.  You buy a ticket from the park office at the top of the slope down to the river.  A Ugandan Wildlife Authority security guard also checks that your park permit (bought at the park entrance 70km back down the road) is valid and waves you through the lifting gate.

The ferries run regularly throughout daylight hours, and even if there are too many vehicles at the timetabled hour they will go back and forward until everyone is across.

We spent our first afternoon on a gentle safari drive - not going too far as we couldn't find a map to purchase.  Possibly could have got one at the park gate 70km back down the road!)

The wildlife viewing is very good - elephants, giraffe, plenty of antelope, hippos in the river and a small croc lying beside the ferry landing spot.

The landscape at first look is typical African savanna until you notice all the palm trees - apparently the elephants spread the palm nuts in their droppings making this landscape unique. It is spectacular as the sun starts to go down.

While we waited for the last ferry back over the river (7.00pm) we chatted to a man with a very big camera who appeared to be travelling on his own (with a guide) - he was remarkably annoyed that we had seen elephants which his guide had managed to miss.  Ha ha.

Paraa Ferry

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