Tuesday, 16 October 2012


Apart from the taxi arriving at 3.45 am to take us to the airport, everything with KLM was fine.  I had checked in on line so already had the boarding cards, they happily accepted our 3 piece of luggage including the case with all the camping equipment at 22.7kg. Allowance was for 4 pieces.  We were through the Edinburgh security system with about an hour and half to spare.

Coffee was had - not bad, but so expensive.  Captive market should not mean being completely ripped off.

Arriving at Amsterdam we found we had only a 2 minute walk to our next gate (remembering the last time we went through Gatwick - 2 and half hours to get from one flight to the next .. argh.)  So we wandered around the cheese and tulip shops til boarding time.

Then we found out something that may have been handy - our flight to Uganda was routed on a triangular route via Kigali, a city we are going to be visiting in a couple of weeks time.  Had we known this we might have been able to organise a holiday flying into Entebbe and out of Kigali, saving the long drive back to Entebbe.  Even our hire car company would have been happy for this as they operate in both countries.  At no point in my booking of flights was this mentioned.

Flying during the day gave me an opportunity to do something which I really enjoy - staring out of aeroplane windows at mountains (the Alps),seas (the Med), deserts (the Sahara), rivers (the Rhine, the Danube, and the Nile!!!).  Unfortunately it was dark by the time we landed in Kigali, so no views of Rwanda yet. Although after the very short - 45mins- flight from Kigali to Entebbe it was possible to see the lights reflecting  off the surface of Lake Victoria.

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